Things to Know When Buying Soy Protein Concentrate

Before buying and using soy protein concentrate, you should know various benefits it offers and its overall safety. Ideally, soy protein concentrate is a supplement meant for athletes, performance enthusiasts, and strength trainers. Although it has lower bioavailability and fewer amino acids as compared to egg proteins, casein, or whey, it is a great alternative protein source.

Soy protein is processed from soybean. This is a common legume plant that is planted across the world. The protein is available as a concentrate, soy flour, hydrolysate, and isolate. Concentrate and isolate are the most common soy protein supplements on the market. Unlike common vegetable proteins, soy protein provides a complete protein source. Additionally, it is readily soluble and heat-stable. Since it has a neutral taste, it is widely used in different food products.

Soy Protein Production

Various methods are used to extract soy protein from soybeans. The choice of method used depends on the amount of protein content required. Once the protein is extracted, it is dried to give it a powdered feel. This makes it suitable for making supplements. Also, it can be modified further by adding colors and flavors.


As you know, proteins are required by the body to aid muscle growth and development. They are also used in different physiological processes. The basic structure of a protein is an amino acid. When amino acids bond with each other, they create building blocks. This explains why proteins are considered to be the building blocks of the body. Other roles played by amino acids include energy production, immune system function, brain metabolism, and cardiovascular function. Some studies have found that consuming soy protein in the required dosage can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Who Should Use Soy Protein?

Soy protein concentrate has been found to benefit physically active people. It is also suitable for people who do not want to eat protein from animal-based sources. Also, it is an alternative to casein and whey protein supplements. Some of the people who should get soy protein include vegans, professional athletes, bodybuilders, and strength trainers. Also, if you have milk or whey allergies, you can opt for soy protein.

Soy Protein Side Effects

It is vital to note that soy protein is safe when used in moderation. You should only use it if you do not have a soy allergy. Although soy protein is great, it has been found to have some side effects, such as nausea, bloating, allergic reactions, and increased bowel movements. Also, it is likely to increase estrogen levels in the body. If you have a thyroid problem, you should note consume soy protein.


You can enjoy many health benefits when you consume soy protein concentrate. Although it has some side effects, these can be alleviated when you moderate your intake of soy protein. If a given protein supplement causes discomfort, consider using soy protein supplements. Soy protein has side effects like constipation, diarrhea, and digestive upsets. It can also alter thyroid function in iodine-deficient individuals.  With ongoing research on soy protein, more benefits and side effects might be unveiled in the near future.



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